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allergyThe summer is on its ending, but there is some thing you need to know.  The air is filled with the fresh scent of mowed lawns and just-cut flowers.  Dogs and cats are out for walks or inside in the air conditioning playing with their owners.  Summer showers bring a clean scent to the air.  These simple occurrences are noticed but not celebrated by one set of people in particular: allergy sufferers.  Just the thought of it can cause an allergy sufferer to remember stuffed up noses, a hoarse cough, red eyes, and exhaustion. Continue reading

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Glasses cleaning. Easy DIY

glassesYou love your home, and you’re exceptional at cleaning and polishing your glasses, stemware, and crystal with the greatest of care. So why is it that whenever you take these glasses or stemware out to use, it always seems as though the once bright, clean glass has gone dull? Too often, the culprit is hard water, which can turn even the clearest glasses dim and cloudy. However, even with hard water, it’s easy to get the sparkle and shine back in your glassware. Continue reading

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Carpet Cleaning

carpetIn hotels across the world, there are many different types of carpeting used to make rooms unique and comfortable for guests.  Loop pile, velvet, cut pile, shag, and embroidery are just some examples of carpeting, upholstery, and tapestry found in hotels today.  Something that all these types of carpet have in common is that each one can present a health hazard to your guest if odors, dust, and dirt aren’t cleaned from them on a regular, routine basis.   Continue reading

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