Monthly Archives: October 2014

Smile and the world smiles with you

smileSmile and the world smiles with you.” “Turn that frown upside down.” “Smile. Today’s a new day.” It seems most everywhere people are telling others to smile. Business managers have been giving this advice for hundreds of years, and they have good reason to be. A smile given to a customer indicates good service, a nice environment, and great business management. That customer who sees you smile will remember you and your workplace. When that happens, client loyalty swiftly follows. Furthermore, people who smile regularly experience emotional benefits, improved relationships, and better health to boot. Continue reading

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Oven Cleaning

ovenThere are things in the house that we clean on a regular basis: our clothes, our bathrooms, our sheets and towels, the kitchen sink, and all our tiled and hardwood floors. However, some of the less routinely scoured and scrubbed areas of our homes become missed or forgotten completely. One of these areas is the kitchen oven. After weeks, months, or years of baking and roasting, even the newest, most well-functioning oven will tend to get greasy and grimy. Built-up grime and burned food can develop and amass in your oven. Continue reading

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