Monthly Archives: April 2016

Spring Is Here: Protect Your Office From Spring Allergens

winterNow that we are essentially out of the winter doldrums, the weather is slowly warming up, the northern hemisphere is turning towards the sun again—and people in your office are likely starting to sneeze like crazy. There’s no helping people having allergies to all the pollen being spread around out there. In fact, you might be one of the ones with boxes of tissues and antihistamines at the ready. Continue reading

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Lime scale – Easy Tips to Get Rid of it

lime scalesLime scale is probably one of the most prevalent cleaning nuisances any homeowner—or renter—has to deal with. To the truly scientifically-oriented out there, lime scale is also known as calcium carbonate. But for the purposes of this article, let’s just refer to it as lime scale—and how to clean the stuff. Since spring is here, and many are spring cleaning, there’s no better time to address the issue. Continue reading

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