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Kitchen Cupboards: Some Tips To Keep Them Clean

ginsburgconstruction-kitchen-3-330737_960_720One thing you might have noticed about cooking is that one of the key places that truly gets dirty is your cabinetry. It’s not just dust collecting on the doors and on the inner shelves. Even if you have an exhaust fan for pulling heat, oily steam and odours out of the kitchen, the kitchen cupboards that surround the cooking area are bound to get greasy. Continue reading

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Things You Can Clean With Baking Soda

baking-soda-768950_1920Because of the concern for the environment these days, to say nothing of all the concerned mums out there who don’t want to deal with chemical cleaners that might pose a health risk to herself and her family, plus the dislike of how ‘cleaner-ish’ some products can smell, among many other reasons, people have been turning to natural, DIY solutions to cleaning tasks. Continue reading

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