Allergy of Dust

Dust allergies are without a doubt one of the most common allergies out there. This is because an allergy to dust mites can develop over time. This is a stark contrast to other sorts of allergies which are more often than not present from birth. If you live in a home which is constantly dusty then you stand a huge chance of developing an allergy no matter how old you are.

It is worth noting that it is not actually the dust that we are allergic too. It is dust mites. These are small creatures (so small you won’t even be able to see them!) that feast upon dry skin, pet hair and the like (which is mainly what dust is made up of). Dust mites generally enter the home during the warmer months. It is then you may find that your allergy is slightly worse.

How allergies occur?

Allergies occur when you come into contact with something that your body doesn’t like which in this case into contact with dust mites. Your body looks at these dust mites and tells itself that they should not be there. Your immune system will be kicked into overdrive to eradicate these dust mites. The problem is, the immune system gets a little bit confused about how strong it needs to be. It will release a chemical known as histamine which is normally a fairly safe chemical and your body will be releasing it all of the time to eradicate things in your body, but if you are suffering from an allergic reaction too much is released which can be dangerous.

It is worth pointing out that an allergic reaction to dust mites is not going to be serious. It is unlikely that it is going to kill you. However, the symptoms of an allergy to dust can be incredibly annoying, especially if they occur time and time again. If you are suffering from the following symptoms on a regular basis it could mean that you are suffering from an allergic reaction:

  • Eyes that are constantly red, watery or even itchy.
  • Stuffy nose that you find very difficult to clear. It may also run and be itchy.
  • Regular sneezing
  • In some situations (particularly older people) you may suffer from breathing trouble. If this occurs then you need to go to the hospital. Thankfully it is very rare.

So how can you ensure that you are not going to suffer from an allergy to dust? Well, it is important that you keep your house clean. If there is no dust then there is going to be nothing for the dust mites to feed on. If there is nothing for them to feed on then they will not be in your home. In most cases you only need a general cleaning carried out. This should be more than enough to keep the dust mites at bay. However, it is worth noting that in some cases there will be dust in places that will be nigh on impossible for you to reach using conventional methods. It is therefore wise to hire a professional to clean your home at least once a year, preferably twice. It is impossible to eradicate all dust, but if you keep it down to an acceptable level then you should be fine.

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