Baby Furnture, How to clean it

babyBaby furniture such as cribs, infant bassinets, mattresses, toddler beds, changing tables, nursery furniture and more bring joy and excitement to parents. With this creatively and beautifully made furniture, babies’ space becomes more inviting and appealing for this creates an ideal inspiration and ambiance.

Safety Reminders and Tips when Cleaning Your Baby Furniture

Although these pieces of furniture are considered excellent additions to the home, it does not necessarily mean that they need to remain untouched. Despite the clean and flawless looks upon purchase, baby furniture needs to be properly cleaned and maintained to ensure babies’ health and safety. Cleaning baby furniture can be a daunting task especially because the baby’s health and safety is at risk here.

The way on how parents clean baby furniture varies on the type of furniture to be cleaned, its materials, size and more. Despite diverse features and characteristics, parents need to keep in mind that only safe and professional cleaning products should be used. Avoid chemical products at all cost because this might cause harm to the baby’s health and safety. When cleaning baby furniture, the following tips can help:

Tips to clean Baby Furniture

  • Facilitate regular and deep cleaning of furniture. Use professional products when cleaning because this gives you the assurance that your baby is free from toxic and harsh chemicals.
    You need to remove parts of the furniture that are advised to be removed when cleaning. It would be best to read labels and determine how you can clean and take care of specific material properly. Remember that some materials and fabrics in baby furniture need to be cleaned and handled with utmost care.
  • Wash only the washable items. Avoid chemical products and use mild, baby-safe and professional products when cleaning instead. Make sure to allow items to completely dry before putting them back on the baby furniture frame.
  • Wipe down the hard surfaces of baby furniture with soft and disinfecting cleaner. As much as possible, choose baby-friendly and professional cleaning products to ensure that babies are safe even if they touch the furniture later. Cleansers to be used also vary depending on the materials the baby furniture is made of.
  • When dealing with stubborn spots, use mild soap, soft-bristled brush and clean water. This is to avoid damages which might also cause safety and health threats to babies.
  • Rinse the baby furniture thoroughly. Use disinfecting spray when cleaning and removing stains, but make sure that the spray is safe and child friendly.
  • You can also vacuum upholstered or clothe pieces of furniture to eliminate dust mites and other unwanted particles.
  • A consistent and thorough cleaning routine is one of the best ways of showing your care and your love for your baby. Cleaning baby furniture is somewhat challenging, but once you have cleaned the right and safe way, your baby will be the one to benefit from this to the fullest.
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