Bathroom Cleaning – DIY

bathroom-Whether we choose to wash up in the evening or first thing in the morning, we all look forward to that nice, warm, cleansing shower.  However, as much as we enjoy our relaxing cleaning regimen, the shower is one area in our homes that is cleaned the least, and parts of the shower, like our showerhead and the drain, can hold all sorts of germs from showers past.  Whether you are a professional cleaning service or the DIY bathroom cleaner of your home, our tips and tricks for keeping a squeaky clean washing space will make sure that you can clean showers just as expertly as the professionals do.

Bathroom Cleaning

Many people think that the only way to clean the shower is to just simply use shower sprays and cleaners.  However, before you grab your go-to tub-and-tile cleaner, let in some fresh air by opening a window or at least a door.  This is done to ventilate the room, decrease nasty fumes, and make sure that the spray doesn’t dry out before you’ve had a chance to really clean with it.  Next, you’ll want to work on the shower in three sections, the tub and tile, the drain, and the showerhead.  Spray down the first section, which is the tile and tub (or the walls and floor of your shower) and allow the spray to sit and do its work.  Next, spray the drain and scrub this area with a wet scrubber sponge.  Use the same sponge to wipe down the tile and tub with wide, long strokes.  Then, rinse the sponge with water and get a cup of water.  Use this water to rinse the area you just cleaned.  Finally, spray the third area, the showerhead.  Clean and rise this area just like you did the first two.  This system will be sure to zap any scum, mold, or mildew out of existence.

Bathroom Cleaning – DIY Solution

But what if your drain and showerhead are clogged way beyond what a little bathroom cleaner can repair?  It can be a real drag to stand in a puddle of soapy, cloudy bath water while you shower, or to have low water pressure due to a stopped-up showerhead.  In the case of the drain, the guilty party is no doubt hair.  Untwist a wire hanger and fish one end down the drain.  This will either poke out or push down clumps of hair.  You probably think you need an expensive de-clogging solution, right?  Not at all!  Just mix one fourth cup ammonia in a quart of boiling water and pour it down the drain to diffuse any leftover soap in the drains.

As for the showerhead, to restore your spray, put together a mixture of equal parts white vinegar and water.  Pour this solution into a plastic bag.  Secure the plastic bag around the showerhead, so that it is completely submerged in the vinegar and water.  Allow it to soak for at least fifteen or twenty minutes (if not an hour), and this will break up any clogs.  Once you take off the bag, run the water on hot to clear out the holes of the showerhead.  By this point, you should be ready for a long, warm, well-earned shower.

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