Building site: Keep it Fresh and Hospitable

buildingRunning a business is not just about getting the customers and keeping them through perks and rewards programs. Many times, customers will stop doing business with a company if the building or office is not clean.

Building site: Keep it Fresh and Hospitable

People want to come into your business or office‘s waiting area and see that the carpets are vacuumed, floors are mopped and of course, the restrooms as sanitary as can be. But if you have a small staff, yet have many customers, you’re not going to have time to constantly be cleaning. You have things to accomplish other than getting out the mop and bucket or the vacuum.

This is especially true if you’ve expanded your business and have hired more people to help you run your business. But they don’t want to be stuck with cleaning duty any more than you do. So it might be time to think about hiring a professional cleaning company to take care of the “nitty-gritty” side of customer service.

If your business has slowed because you haven’t had a chance to clean the front carpets, that can really put a dent in your profits. But if you nip the carpet dirt in the bud and hire a service to give the common area a good professional cleaning, you are not only making a sound investment in the life of your business, you are taking the mental stress and strain of worrying about keeping your business clean off yourself and your office staff.

Hire a Professional Cleaning Company and Keep a clean Building

Plus, hiring a cleaning service allows you to not have to store things like cleaning products in the bathroom where people can see them. While most people are forgiving about such things, especially if you’re just starting out, some customers might find this a bit unkempt. So, when you’re expanding your business, it might be best to figure in a cleaning service into your budget so that your new office quarters can be clean without cans of foaming bubbles and toilet bowl freshening packets being in customers’ line of sight. After all, if your bathrooms and front common area are clean without it being obvious, it gives you a good image.

Finally, having a cleaning service in your budget lets you truly have a fresh environment, especially if your personal finishing touch is a decorative bowl of potpourri on a side table. That potpourri is not going to make the good impression you want it to if the rest of your business does not look as fresh as that potpourri smells.

As the owner of a successful business, you’re going to want a fresh, welcoming and hospitable building for your business—and a truly clean path to profits. Contacting and keeping a professional cleaning service on your roster of subcontractors should therefore be high on your list of office “to-do’s.”

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