Carpet Cleaning

carpetIn hotels across the world, there are many different types of carpeting used to make rooms unique and comfortable for guests.  Loop pile, velvet, cut pile, shag, and embroidery are just some examples of carpeting, upholstery, and tapestry found in hotels today.  Something that all these types of carpet have in common is that each one can present a health hazard to your guest if odors, dust, and dirt aren’t cleaned from them on a regular, routine basis.  

How make sure the carpet stay new?

But how to professional cleaning services make sure that carpet stay new, lush, and fresh for guests every day?  There are cleaning tips that the professionals use to make sure that when guests come for a hotel stay their carpet looks just as bright and clean as the first day it was installed.

Carpet maintenance

First off, it’s important to remember that carpet maintenance should not be a last-minute detail.  Taking care and maintaining the cleanliness of your hotel’s carpet should be a daily, ongoing priority for your establishment.  The cleaning of carpets should be proactive, not a reactive response to soiled or stained carpeting.  This means that the best remedy for your carpets is to plan in advance by setting up and implementing a maintenance program.  A program that employs well-equipped and properly trained cleaning professionals is your first step to focusing on both high foot-traffic areas (such as elevators, lobbies, hallways, and anywhere food is served) and lower foot traffic (such an offices areas).  Cleaning for each carpet varies from how much traffic they receive.  For example, low traffic areas need a high performance hot cleaning on an annual basis and a pile lift two to three times a week, while heavy traffic areas need a high performance hot cleaning on a weekly basis and a pile lift once or more daily.

However, we all know that spots and stains will happen in the course of the life of any hotel carpet.  Besides taking preventative measures, what else can you do when stains inevitably crop up?  The best rule is: Act quickly!  Blot the stain as soon as it’s found with a dry, white cloth or towel.  Don’t scrub the area, as this can rub the stain deeper into the fibers of the carpet.  Apply a stain remover (one that you’ve already pre-tested, of course) to a white cloth and allow that to sit for approximately ten minutes.  Finally, work from the edges of the spill or stain to keep the stain from spreading.  Remember, the best method for cleaning is acting quickly to resolve the problem.

We’ve covered several important tips for keeping your hotel carpets fresh and clean.  However, before we end, let’s first go back to the beginning.  Hotel carpet installation is a serious investment, both in terms of monetary investment and investment in your hotel’s overall image and appeal.  An effective, consistent carpet cleaning service that you trust can maintain these carpets and extend the life of your significant investment.  There are many factors that choosing the right carpet depends on, including color, fiber, density, and what the ongoing maintenance entails.  Choosing the right carpet from the start is the best way to keep your carpets clean and your hotel extraordinary.


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