Carpets: The Importance of Frequent Cleaning

carpetMaking sure your business’s carpets get cleaned isn’t always on your priority list, especially if you’ve got a small enterprise and you wear many hats. And your budget isn’t likely the biggest, either.

But making room in your often tight budget for a professional cleaning is more than just a luxury. It could mean the life of your business, let alone your health.

Clean Carpets – Good Impressions

If you have a light coloured carpet anywhere in your workplace, the chances are really high that it’s going to get dingy and dirty, especially if that carpet is in a high-traffic area. Double the dinginess if your business is in a northern climate with lots of rain and snow in the autumn and winter.

This isn’t exactly the best visual or mental impression to leave on your customers. Especially when damp carpets can lead to mold and mildew, which can make people sick. And having mold like that in a place of business is a recipe for your sales taking a nosedive.

Health and Safety

Yes, believe it or not, that black stuff you see in some bathrooms, and in the windowsills of some places you’ve been in is black mold, and it is responsible for a lot of people getting—and staying sick, if they stick around in the places where it lingers.

This black mold could easily grow in your damp and dirty carpets if a hygienic environment is not cultivated and maintained frequently.

So the trick to keeping this stuff at bay is frequent cleanings. But how frequent? Again, it depends on the level of foot traffic and the season you’re in, plus your budget. You can either create a cleaning schedule, or you can hire a cleaning professional once and then ask them about recommended cleaning schedules.

Clean Carpets

Just to give you a starting point for your own planning, many cleaning professionals will tell you that carpets should be cleaned every month to every 18 months, depending on your foot traffic—including both workers and customers, as well as the color of your carpet. This will keep the buildup of health-threatening molds and mildew to a minimum.

Not only that, frequently cleaned carpets let your customers know that your business is also efficiently run as well, and not only will their health be safe, they are more likely to come around again and again.

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