Clean Home: Avoid Pet Fur With These Easy Steps

cleanHaving a pet can be a joy. Cats and dogs lower blood pressure, make you laugh and provide companionship when you’re feeling a wee bit lonely. But along with all that, there are the necessary trips to the vet…and the cleaning closet!

Here are some steps to keep your home clean while housing your fluffy buddies:

1) Slipcovers. Slipcovers keep your upholstery fur-free, and they’re easy to clean. First, toss them in the dryer for ten minutes (no heat) to loosen hair, which is caught in the lint trap, then wash as normal. Be sure to shake out the slipcovers before putting them in the dryer.

2) Roombas. These multi-surface vacuuming robots work a treat for helping you keep pet hair out of your carpets. You can essentially run these every day, all day if you choose, without the fuss of hefting around a big machine that weighs a lot. Plus, you have the added bonus of watching the Roomba amuse and bewilder your pets.

3) Swiffers & Microfiber Cloths. For hardwood floors, as well as desks, entertainment centers, etc, using a “Swiffer” and microfiber cloths helps pick up hair in these places as well, because the electrostatic charge on the Swiffer & microfiber cloths picks up hair like nothing else. If you don’t want to constantly buy Swiffer refills, or are between refill boxes, put the microfiber cloth on the Swiffer device in a pinch.

4) The Power of Electricity—With Balloons. Now, since cleaning is not always fun, this is actually a great way for you to have that fun. Because this method involves balloons, you can recruit your kids to get in on the cleaning action—and teach them a bit of electricity science at the same time you’re teaching them to clean up after the family pets. Blow up balloons and give them to your kids to rub on the surfaces that have a lot of hair. That is, the places on your furniture and floors where your pets like to hang out.

The kids will learn that the same static electricity that makes their hair stand up will do the same thing for that loose animal fur on the sofa. They’ll think it’s a party, and you’ll have a clean house. (And you never know, they just might ask to be the ones to clean up the pet hair because the balloon-picking-up-fur trick is so much fun.)

These are just four ideas to help keep your house or apartment as clean as possible while keeping Fluffy or Fido in your home, and your heart.

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