Cleaning tips: No Shoes at Home

cleaning tipsA dirt free home is a must for every family. Aside from impressing guests, cleaning your  home that is free from pet and shoe stains at the carpet also guarantees that your family is free from bacteria that causes illnesses. There may be lots of shoe types that you are wearing, but the fact that you wear it outside means that they also accumulate dirt and grits that can wear and tear your carpet, not to mention that they can also carry bacteria that may cause undesirable odor and pathogens which may affect your health and that of your family members. Shoes can pick traces of industrial pollutions like petrol fumes, fertilizers, pesticides as well as other chemicals. They can also pick up small parts of animal excrement that can be hard to remove from your carpet.

Cleaning tips: No Shoes at Home

While having dirt inside your home is inevitable, there are ways in which you can minimize it. Here are some cleaning tips which you can adapt to make your home dirt free almost all the time:

Declare your home a shoe-free zone. You can limit the dirt and accumulation of bacteria and stains on your carpet by stopping any boots, pumps, flip-flops and everything in between from entering your doorstep. Encourage your family members to take off their shoes before they enter the door. You can put a bin near your door where you can chuck dirt from your shoes before removing it and putting it on a shoe rack.

Keep the dirt on your doormat. Aside from putting bin or shoe rock where you and your family can put their shoes before entering the house, you can also make use of a doormat where you can keep the dirt out of your carpet. Doormat could stop dirt in your tracks such as those found on your shoe soles. Use doormats at your every home entrance, inside or out. This will help you remove unnoticeable grime on your shoes.

Cleaning tips: Choose the right doormat for your home use

The right doormat for your door can help you lessen the time you spend on cleaning dirt. Good mat that can remove grimes on your shoes are those with longer strides with width that is no longer than your door itself. You can buy doormats that are made with rubber or vinyl backing as they are durable, suits in any home decors and are good in scrapping dirt from shoes. To hide the dirt, choose mats with dark shades. If you have a muddy driveway or lives in the place that gets muddy, it will be wise to put a wire rack underneath your mat so that you can scrape the mud from your shoes or boots before entering the house.

Limit the number of entrances at your home. Dirt at home usually came from outside. To limit your time cleaning your carpets, cut down the places where pets and people can walk dirt in your house.

Put floor mats inside your house. Put floor mats on spill-prone spots inside your house such as those in the entrance of your toilet or fridge. But make sure that they won’t cause any accident and that they matches your home décor. Floor mats could help you reduce the dirt you clean from your carpets.

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