Dishwasher: Keep it Clean

dishwasherWhilst the main job of your dishwasher is to ‘clean’, it is only really good at cleaning the dishes and the like. It is not so good at cleaning itself though. If you want to ensure that your dishwasher remains healthy and ensure that it removes bacteria from your dishes as effectively as possible then you are going to need to give it a good clean from time to time. The information on this page should help you out.

Firstly; you are going to want to ensure that the door of your dishwasher is as clean as possible. You will be surprised at how much dirt and grime will stick to it if you are not careful. Doing this should be rather easy. You just need to mix up some baking soda with some water. Do not use harsh scouring pads for this job as it will scratch the door. Just a good soft cloth should be fine. Some people will even use a toothbrush to clean the smaller areas.

Next you will need to clean the tub inside. As you can probably guess; this is where the majority of the dirt and grime will be in your dishwasher. You should follow these steps to clean the tub (don’t worry, they are not too in-depth!):

Steps to clean your Dishwasher

  • Use paper towels to clean out all of the dirt and grime near the base of the tub. You will find that the majority of the filth is located close to the drain.
  • Use white vinegar to clean the rack (obviously make sure the dishwasher is empty). To use white vinegar you should fill up a cup and stick it in the center of the rack. You should then run a full cycle of your dishwasher. Make sure it is at the hottest temperature possible. This should give everything a good clean out.
  • Once you are done and the cycle as completed you should grab a few more paper towels and clean the inside fully!

After this there is not too much that will need to be done to the dishwasher. You will only really have the small accessories and the like to clean. Probably the best way to clean the racks and utensil holders is to just pull them out. You can then use a soft brush to make sure they stay looking perfect. Water with a mix of baking soda should be fine for this purpose. Obviously you should make sure that everything is wiped down fully after completion. The last thing you want to be dealing with is baking soda in your dishwasher when it is running a full cycle with all of your dishes in it!

Clean your dishwasher out at least once every couple of weeks

My suggestion is that you clean your dishwasher out at least once every couple of weeks. It really should not take long to be honest so you have no excuse not to. If you clean it every couple of weeks then you can be sure that not only will your dishes remain looking fantastic but the longevity of your dishwasher will also be increased.

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