Dusty Place? Tips For Quick Cleaning

winterDust is one of the most common allergens in either a household or business. Whether you run a business either in your own home or in an office space uptown, it pays to know how best to keep up with the chore of dusting, just so you and your staff (if you have employees) won’t have to constantly contend with sneezing and itchy eyes.

Here are some tips to make dusting go quickly so you can get back to running your business:

1) Use a Humid Cloth. This is probably one of the best ways to wipe off dust from hard surfaces without it flying around. All you have to do is lightly mist with a spray bottle and run it over the hard surfaces. This method keeps the dust particles from flying around and settling elsewhere, let alone flying into your face.

2) Go From High to Low & In a Circle. Dusting your house or office like this is one of the most efficient methods of getting the chore done. Going from high to low moves the dust downward to the floor where it can either be vacuumed or mopped, and going in a circle lets you see where you’ve started and where you stopped, especially if you have various small items on shelves that you want arranged a certain way.

3) Pay Attention to Vents. As you might have noticed, vents have a tendency to collect dust that can blow around the room if the central heating or cooling system is on. Use a soft-brush vacuum attachment or electrostatic mop and then a slightly damp microfiber cloth to remove dust from the vents in your office space. Also, don’t forget to clean any removable and rewashable air conditioning filters with warm soapy water, then leave out to air dry before reinstalling.

4) Flip On Your MP3 player or Smartphone & Play Music. Believe it or not, listening to music, especially fast-paced beats, will push you forward faster, help you burn calories and help you enjoy the chore a bit more.

5) Divvy Up Dusting Tasks. If you have a few employees to help you out, divvy up the specific dusting tasks (such as giving ceiling vents and high shelves to tall people) and that way you all can get back to running the business.

Cleaning your office or retail space—even if you work from home—is a good way to keep the allergic reactions down to a bare minimum, plus a well-dusted place has

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