Easy DIY Tips to Help You Organise Your Desk

imac-605421_960_720No matter what kind of business you have, it always pays to keep your office desk clean and organised. Not only will you be a more effective boss because you’ll be able to find what you need, but you’ll set something of an example to your employees, and maybe give them some ideas for their desks, especially if your ideas are creative and you run a creativity-centred business.

Some of the following ideas might be better for home-based businesses, but even if you go to charity shops and pick some of these items up for a song to take to your office, that’s all to the good, because you’re still encouraging the upcycling/recycling concept and keeping to your business budget.

  • Egg Cups. Believe it or not, the very things that hold your breakfast eggs can hold your paper clips, staples, rubber bands, and other tiny things that can make keeping a desk clean such a chore. If you don’t want to use your own from your kitchen, a charity shop is likely to have at least two or three available.
  • Cork Pencil Holder. If you like the natural look of cork, glue about five or six cork trivets or coasters in a stack. Once the glue is dry, drill about five or so holes about 2/3 of the way through. Not only will you have a place for your favourite pens or pencils, you also have a place to pin notes right where you can see them.
  • Paperboard Dividers for Your Drawers. You’re likely familiar with the paperboard dividers you stick in your Christmas ornament storage boxes, right? Use one or two of these in your desk drawers to separate spare items like erasers, USB sticks and whatever else you’d rather not keep in the caddy on your desk.
  • String & Paper-Clip Calendar. Sure you might carry a planner or diary about with you for writing down meeting times and so on, but if you love having your desk clear of things you might easily lose, try taking a length of twine or thin clothesline-style rope and five to seven clothespins and create a daily “calendar” where you clip notes to the string. After attaching the string ends to either side of your desk, it’s time to create the “daily clothespins.”

Using a label maker, print out the names of the days of your business week (even if your business week is the entire seven days, if it’s a home office) and stick each day name on its respective clip. For better “reminder” control, use the kind of electronic label maker that lets you choose a colour for each day (e.g. blue for Monday, red for Tuesday, etc).

These are just four ways you can organise your desk and desk area in creative ways that keeps your office tidy, thus inspiring you and your staff to get down to business.


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