Fridge Cleaning – Tips

fridgeFor many of us, there’s no room quite as important in our home as the kitchen. Some could argue the most important appliance in our kitchens is the refrigerator. Unlike other spaces in our kitchen, the fridge doesn’t necessarily get a thorough cleaning every day, or every week, or sometimes even every month!

This is the place that is subject to all sorts of traffic from everyone in your home, and this can lead to overcrowding, spills, and some unpleasant odors over time. Before you know it, it could be time to clean that helpful appliance from the inside out. But where do you start? Do you start with the freezer, which could collect frost and need to be defrosted? What about organizing the fridge? Should you use heavily cleaning detergents, or is it okay to use hot water and lemon or vinegar? We’ll take you through the right steps to get your fridge from “eeek!” to chic in no time.

Organizing your fridge

Let’s start with organizing your fridge. First, collect all your food and take it out of the fridge. Place the food on the counter so that the fridge is completely empty. This will give you room to work and to see what spaces need to be cleaned the most. Toss out any moldy, expired, or just “no way I’m eating that” food. When it comes to throwing out food, better safe than sorry. If you can’t remember what year you bought those pickles, it’s time for them to go.

Cleaning the Fridge with Lemon and Vinegar

Next, take out any shelving, drawers, or crispers. These will need to be cleaned first. Never use hot water on cold glass. The sudden heat could cause the glass to break. Instead, let it sit until it is room temperature. For heavy-duty spills, you’ll want to break out hot water with lemon or vinegar. If you’re using hot water and vinegar, put 3 parts hot water for every 1 part vinegar in a spray bottle. If you’re using hot water and lemon to clean, add baking soda to the mix and wipe down your counters for a “green” clean that will also leave your fridge smelling lemony fresh. Use these cleaning mixtures to wipe down the inside of the fridge, as well as the refrigerator doors, too.

Finally, you’ll need to defrost the freezer. Turn off your freezer, and remove as much food from the freezer as possible. To prevent a puddle, put newspaper on the floor around the freezer. Traditionally, the best way to get all that unwanted ice out of the freezer is to wait for the ice to melt. This takes a while, and if you’re in a rush, you can use a hair dryer to melt the ice more quickly. To speed up the process, you can use a soft cloth wipe to clean out the ice as you go, too. Use our cleaning tips from above to clean out the freezer, and then carefully dry the freezer as much as possible to prevent more ice. (You can use a hair dryer to do this, too.) Finally, reintroduce all your shelving and food back to the fridge and freezer! You’re done!

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