Glasses cleaning. Easy DIY

glassesYou love your home, and you’re exceptional at cleaning and polishing your glasses, stemware, and crystal with the greatest of care. So why is it that whenever you take these glasses or stemware out to use, it always seems as though the once bright, clean glass has gone dull? Too often, the culprit is hard water, which can turn even the clearest glasses dim and cloudy. However, even with hard water, it’s easy to get the sparkle and shine back in your glassware.

What is the secret of clean glasses?

The best cleaning products may not be what’s in your supermarket aisles. The secret is vinegar, and we’ll tell you turn this household staple into a powerful cleaning tool.

Even after a perfectly normal run through the dishwasher, hard water can leave glassware and stemware cloudy and dull. There’s all sorts of products and cleaners available for purchase to solve this problem. However, the solution to clearing up cloudy glassware may be right in your kitchen cabinet. For less work and far less money, use simple, all-purpose vinegar. A regular wash rag or dish towel with a few tablespoons of vinegar is all you’ll require to brighten up your glassware and stemware. But won’t that bitter taste of vinegar still linger? Never fear. The vinegar will have evaporated and leave you without any taste of its presence within minutes. However, if you’re still concerned, get a plastic dish tub and fill the tub with hot water. This will dilute the vinegar, but it won’t decrease its cleaning power. Soak your glassware or stemware in the hot water along with the vinegar, shake off the excess, and dry by hand. Still not clear enough for you? Check to make sure your dishwasher allows it, but with some dishwashers, you can put the vinegar in the dishwasher along with your chosen cleaning agent. While this will not have as drastic an effect as washing your glassware by hand with vinegar, it’s another way to clear up those clouds.

Brightening your glasses and stemware

So what do you do if you try these tips that they still don’t work at brightening your glasses and stemware? If the film still doesn’t disappear after cleaning with vinegar, check to see if you have permanent scratches of your glassware. In some parts of the country, the problem isn’t that the water is too hard. The problem is that the water’s too soft. This softened water when combined with certain dishwasher detergents contain phosphates that can cause these scratches. If you have soft water, use less detergent than is recommended and immediately remove glasses and stemware after the wash cycle. The high heat of the dry cycle creates the etching and scratches.

Of course, when it doubt, hand wash glasses and stemware with regular dish soap and hand dry them with a clean, soft linen cloth. Spots can be caused by air drying, especially with hard water. Whichever method you choose, the best remedy is washing glasses right away the moment that you notice unsightly spots or cloudiness. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to brighten up your glasses and crystal!

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