Health & Safety: A Very Important Concern When Cleaning Your Common Areas

wet-floorIf you’ve hired a professional cleaning company, sometimes it’s not always convenient to have them arrive after you’ve closed up your business for the day. Of course, depending on when business tends to wane, you might have them arrive at your slowest point in the day, even if your shop is still open while you’re there.

With that in mind, you’ll want to have an eye towards customer safety if you choose to have your cleaning company arrive while customers are still browsing around. This is especially true if your common areas have hard floors that require mopping, waxing, etc. Even if you schedule the floor to be waxed till after closing time, you still need some sort of warning sign to alert customers to wet floors during business hours, particularly in your highest-traffic areas.

You might scoff at putting up signs at first, especially if you think the only people who would truly be hurt are people old enough to be receiving pension checks, but that’s not necessarily the case. Anyone who slips and falls on a wet floor easily has cause to sue you, or the cleaning company you’ve hired, for negligence, especially if they feel they would receive a decent settlement.

Some might not sue you, but would definitely come to you with a complaint if their child or elder relative fell and hurt themselves. Granted, when it comes to children, they can be rambunctious and not liable to pay attention to any signs, regardless of how well their parents have them under control, but that does not mean you should not put up warning signs anyway.

Having tidy common areas makes a good impression on customers, but an even bigger impression will be the signs you put up during inclement weather, when the floors are being mopped more than once. Even those few customers you have during your slow time are going to appreciate not just a clean building, but that you took the time to warn them about potentially treacherous footing. Warning signs, overall, save you multitudes of headaches and create goodwill with your clientèle.

Clean common areas and a clean building, courtesy of a professional cleaning company, are great for making a good impression. Keeping your customers’ health and safety in mind, however, creates an even bigger and better impression with anyone who has children or elderly relatives in their care when coming into your shop.

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