Hot Weather? Don’t Forget to Clean Your Air Conditioning System

Air conditioningWe are just over a week away before the official first day of summer (21st of June), but temperatures are already rising and the humidity is up. This means that it’s definitely time to make sure your air conditioning system is tip-top shape and ready to help you and your business beat the heat.

If there is one thing that prevents an AC system from working properly, it’s all the dust, dirt, pollen and other particles that get caught in the air ducts and filters. Not only does this prevent your system from working efficiently, it pushes all those unwanted allergens into the air.

Additionally, if your AC isn’t working right, and it gets too warm in your office space or retail shop, there are people, such as diabetics, who could truly suffer ill health effects. If a diabetic gets overheated, they can easily become dehydrated and you could end up calling the paramedics. You do not want to wait till this sort of health and safety issue happens to have your air conditioning system inspected and cleaned.

Comparing costs

So with that in mind, you might figure it’s time to give a professional cleaning company a call. A pro company can come change your filter and clean your air ducts properly so your AC system can work more efficiently.

One way you can determine if your AC system needs an inspection and cleaning is to watch your utility bills. Compare your current monthly costs to those of previous months, even last summer. If there’s a major spike, then it’s time to solve the problem with a call to your local cleaning company.

Keep it clean!

Another important reason to keep your AC system’s ducts and filters clean is to ensure the system’s overall longevity. The harder it has to work, the more likely it will break down sooner—permanently—and you could face a much larger bill to pay than just calling in a professional company for ductwork cleaning. In this sense, the old adage of an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure is absolutely spot-on. So make your ounce of prevention a call to a professional company now and save yourself a financial headache later on.

In this hot weather, making sure your customers, employees—and you—are in a physically comfortable and clean building is not only key to everyone’s health and safety, but routine maintenance leads to the longevity of your system, plus a smaller cleaning bill now is much easier for a business’s budget to swallow than a big bill for AC repair or replacement.

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