Hotel Owners: Get Good Customer Reviews

hotelWhen it comes to service and hospitality businesses, quite possibly one of the tightest ships you’re ever likely to run is a hotel, especially if you want good website reviews from the customers that stay in your rooms.

Hotel Owners: Get Good Customer Reviews

Thanks to the global nature of the internet, people’s ability to rate your establishment and how clean it is can make or break your business. So what can you do in order to get the kind of reviews that bring customers in, instead of drive them away?

The main logical move will be to hire a professional cleaning company to supplement your housekeeping staff. Why is this a good idea? Your staff can work on the day-to-day tasks of cleaning the rooms—and only the rooms—while the professional cleaning company can take on the chores of making sure the following areas are pristine:

  • Gym/Pool/Changing Rooms
  • Business areas (including any kind of meeting rooms you have)
  • Front and side entryways
  • Lobby-area bathrooms
  • Hallways on all floors
  • Dining/Continental breakfast area
  • The entirety of the lobby

Your hotel layout and amenities might be different, depending on what type of hotel you have—whether it’s your own small independent business with your own creative hotel name or you are running a large franchise, such as a Hilton. Or, perhaps you are running a casino/hotel combination. Regardless of what your operation is, the requirement for getting good customer reviews is the same: a clean, sparkling establishment that attracts the best kind of attention.

Of course, if your aim is to own multiple hotels, the responsibility for keeping those clean is just as much a priority, perhaps more so, than just keeping up one building. All the more reason to hire a pro company to clean, just for the sake of taking the load off your regular housekeeping staff—and a load off your mind.

Think about it: you are the boss, and naturally you want things running smoothly as far as the cleanliness side of things is concerned. Having a professional cleaning service to supplement your normal staff will lessen your stress levels by having that many more hands to help you put your best foot forward.

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You have nothing to lose—and everything—including excellent reviews on your hotel—to gain by making sure everything about your establishment is friendly, welcoming and most importantly, clean and tidy.


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