Hotel: The Importance of Having a Trained Staff

hotelIn the hospitality industry these days, every hotel is vying for people’s attention. Gone are the days when people went on random exploratory road trips and just bunked down in the closest roadside inn that appeared to look decent. People want the comforts of home while away from home, whether on business or vacation.

Therefore, superior customer service is a must, and in order to have that superior service, you have to have well-chosen, well-trained staff. From the housekeepers who tend both the rooms and the lobby area, to any kitchen staff your business might have, having a crew that not only knows how to do their respective jobs, but is attentive and anticipates customers’ needs is something to take pride in.

Looking at the hotel’s services through the eyes of the customer

Part of today’s superior customer service needs to include empathy: looking at the hotel’s services through the eyes of the customer. Training sessions, either at the beginning of your employees’ time at your establishment, or as part of additional trainings, can often include this exercise.

It will not only get your staff thinking about how to do their jobs better, but this sort of empathy exercise can address any possible problems that linger in the day-to-day management of your business—problems that, in the long run, may lessen the likelihood of a happy customer experience, and increase the chances of an unfavorable review on the various travel websites on the Web.

And these are the travel websites that your customers will consult before even making reservations. It should be obvious that the ratio of excellent reviews to unfavorable reviews must be skewed heavily on the side of “excellent” in order to get both new and repeat customers.

Of course, the one major point that gets those favorable reviews is how clean your hotel is. That is the first thing customers see when they walk in your doors to check in, and when they go up to the room to get settled. Spotless lobby, sparkling bathrooms, fresh towels and soaps, fresh linens on the bed, everything dusted and vacuumed—all of this goes towards your customers having the best time of their lives at your hotel. Having a well-trained housekeeping staff that provides such a level of excellence, therefore, is the key to all this.

Empowerment is also crucial to having a well-trained staff on your Hotel

Empowerment is also crucial to having a well-trained staff. Gone are the days when everyone referred issues to the manager. Anymore, many company leaders will delegate responsibilities to subordinates, and give them the necessary knowledge in order to help solve any problems a customer might have before involving the manager. Empowering staff members to take control of a situation and learn to be leaders themselves, even within their own supposedly narrow job description, makes for superb interactions between your staff and the customers you serve.

Superior customer service turns new guests into repeat guests, and this cannot happen without the services of a well-recruited, well-trained hotel staff. If this is your hotel, congratulations! You have a hospitality staff to be proud of.

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