How To Clean a Marble Floor

Aceclean-Office-Cleaning-ServicesMarble floors are truly an elegant element to have in your business, especially if you run a hotel or bed and breakfast with an earth-centred theme, but marble can be challenging to keep clean. Between scuff marks, wine, summer rain and mud, and winter weather later on in the year, cleaning marble is not a simple matter of using just any old floor cleaner.

Whether you’ve had marble for some time, or you’ve just installed marble flooring, here are some tips to clean them so they look their best:

  • Dirt & Scuff Marks. If your floors are otherwise clean, but there are spots with dirt or scuff marks from shoes, immediate spot cleaning is a must. To do this, put a small bit of very mild dishwashing detergent or special marble cleaner (pH-neutral) onto microfibre cloth with cold clean water. (Test this mixture on an inconspicuous area first, just to be on the safe side.) Very gently rub the stain in the direction of the marble grain in straight lines. Never scrub in circles as this can actually damage the marble. Once the marks or stains are gone, buff the marble with a dry cloth to bring out the shine again.
  • Blot, Don’t Wipe. Marble stains easily. If liquids are spilled onto your marble flooring, it’s an absolute must to wipe up the liquid as soon as possible. Any acidic liquids like citrus-based drinks (orange juice, lemonade), wine, or vinegar are especially problematic, so grab a soft cloth and blot up the liquid. Again, wiping can scratch your marble, and especially don’t go in circles.
  • Sweep & Mop Regularly. Making sure you keep dust and dirt off your marble floors is crucial to the life of your flooring. Mopping in itself, of course, is a three step process. First, mop the floor with a pH-neutral marble cleaner, or if you can’t get special cleaner straight away, use warm water and a mild dishwashing detergent. Use a soft clean mop, and go all over the floor in short strokes. Secondly, rinse out the bucket and replace with cold water and no detergent. Use this cold water to rinse off any soap. Third, wipe off the water with a soft microfibre cloth to buff your floor and bring up the shine.

Keep in mind that when you’re in the last part of your mopping chore, don’t let your marble floors air dry. Water marks will be left and you don’t want those. Also, keep your cleaning supplies for marble floors pH-neutral. Never use anything too acid or alkaline, as these can damage your marble.

These tips can help you manage and care for your beautiful marble flooring and keep it looking good for years to come.


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