Keeping a Well Organized Wardrobe

cleaning wardrobeYou don’t have to have a cleaning obsession to want a tidy room with a well kept wardrobe area. If your clothes are either folded up neatly or pressed and on hangers, then the knock on effect to the rest of your bedroom can be quite marked.

Here we look at some organizing tips to help you achieve with the minimum of fuss.

Be Ruthless

If we all kept every item of clothing we ever bought, then we’d all need a dedicated room just keep them all in. A good policy to follow is – if you haven’t or won’t be wearing it anytime soon, then get rid. Be tough with anything that hasn’t be worn in a year, store elsewhere or donate it to a charity.
Less clutter looks much neater and the upshot means you will be able to find the clothes you actually like much more quickly and easily.

Eye Level

A good way to ensure your favourite clothes are the ones you wear, is to keep those items at eye level. Less favoured garments are stored either higher or lower (depending on your wardrobe) and don’t get in the way.

Co-ordinated Hangers

You might think that we might be entering OCD territory here, but bear with us, there is a very good reason.

As we all tend to keep hold of hangers of differing types, colours and sizes, the appearance of garments hung up will tend to look a little haphazard.

All that needs to be satisfied is that all the hangers are the same size, type and colour, so they don’t have to be expensive ones.

The result of this measure is uniformity. Always pleasing to the eye of the beholder.

Extra shelving space

Some wardrobes may only have a few useable flat spaces, because some dedicate too much to hanging space. However, there lots of clothes that you may not need or want to put on a hanger.
There are some very inexpensive and easy-to-install shelving solutions available from some of the major home furnishers. These options require no ‘handy work’ to speak of, and can be as easy to install as attaching the velcro fasteners around existing fittings.

This simple measure can give you much needed areas to store shoes, underwear and all manner of ‘non-hangable’ items.

Keep on top

Hopefully these easily-implementable tips will give you the start you need to really to get on top of tidying your room and have the type of efficient wardrobe space we all crave.

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