Keeping Your Restaurant Clean

glassesWhen you’re a restaurant owner, nothing brings in customers like the good food you cook for them, the ambiance of the décor, friendly waitstaff and so on. But nothing will turn them away faster like a dirty establishment.

Why Is A Clean Restaurant Important?

If you plan on going into the restaurant business for the first time, there are a few things you should know about why a clean restaurant is important.

1) Health and Safety. You’ve probably heard of restaurants being shut down by the health inspector for various reasons. Just saying “health and safety” is too broad a reason. For instance, if your dishes are not clean, remaining food particles can still potentially contain untold bacteria and make people sick.

Equipment and tools such as slicers, cutting boards, etc, absolutely must be properly washed and sanitized or else risk cross-contamination. Kitchen floors must be swept and mopped or else you won’t be inviting just humans in to dine, but the local dumpster vermin such as roaches, mice and rats.

2) Hygienic Environment. In the northern parts of the world, autumn is here and winter is approaching fast. Nothing says “come in from the cold” like a warm, well-lit place to eat with foods that fill people up. But along with wintry temperatures comes the inevitable rounds of various illnesses—from intestinal viruses to the common cold. At no other time of the year is keeping your restaurant clean and hygienic so critical.

Frequent washing of hands is always a must-do, but stepping up the cleaning detail with the disinfectants throughout your establishment is just as much of a requirement to keep viruses from spreading quickly during the winter months.

3) Good Impression. Again, nothing turns customers away like a dirty restaurant. People usually like to keep their homes clean. So why should they expect your restaurant to be any different?
In the front, your floors should be swept and mopped—or simply vacuumed, if your main dining area is carpeted. The tables should be bussed and cleaned as soon as their occupants leave to pay the ticket, and the main entry way either mopped frequently, or a rubber-bottomed mat put down in case of rain or snow.

Professional Services

So how do you go about making sure the restaurant is clean if you know you’ll be really busy most nights? The main solution in this case is to hire a professional cleaning service. Doing so is worth every penny you spend, because they will—and should be—a dedicated team that makes sure your restaurant is sparkling by the time you close.

Delegating the cleaning chores to such a crew so you can concentrate on serving and building relationships with your customers is the wisest investment you can ever make for your food service establishment. Not only will your restaurant be clean and safe, but you won’t be overtaxing your waitstaff on super-busy nights.

Keeping your restaurant clean is one of your top priorities as a food service entrepreneur, and it can quite literally mean the life or death of your business.

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