Mould: 5 Tips to avoid it

Mould in the bathroom is not just unsightly. It is also incredibly dangerous. If you breathe in the fumes from some types of mould then you can look forward to a number of health problems, particularly if you are susceptible to them already. Thankfully, dealing with mould is not too difficult…providing you catch it early. On this page I want to share with you five tips which should hopefully keep that bathroom mould free for as long as possible.

5 Tips to avoid a mould in the bathroom

1. Firstly, if you want to ensure that your bathroom remains clean and fresh then you are going to need to call in a professional cleaner. A professional cleaner will have been trained to spot the early signs of mould, and they will have all the equipment required to keep it at bay. You also have the side benefit of them actually cleaning the rest of your bathroom too! I suggest that you carry out a bit of research to see which companies offer a service like this in the area. Do make sure that you try and get the best one for the job!

2. There are many homes out there which seem to love the idea of putting a bit of carpeting in the bathroom. This could cover the whole floor, or it could simply be a rug. This is not good. Material like this is the perfect place for mould to spawn. Replace any carpets or rugs in your bathroom with waterproof materials. It will become clean and fresh virtually overnight.

3. Purchase a de-humidifier for your bathroom! These are pretty cheap nowadays. As you may know, the main reason as to why mould forms in the bathroom is the fact that it is a naturally damp place. The job of the de-humidifier will be to suck the moisture out of the air, or most of it at least. If the moisture is sucked out of the air then it won’t be coating everything in your room. This means that mould will not have everything that it needs to thrive.

4. Wash your walls and floor with a water and white vinegar solution (you can also use a bleach on the walls!). Mould absolutely loathes this stuff and it should instantly be killed when it comes into contact with the solution. As soon as you spot mould, dab it with a good bit of white vinegar. It should disappear virtually over night if you catch it early enough.

5. Wipe down everything that gets wet after you have showered. This means your curtains, and those bathroom walls. Use a dry towel to do this. You will want to ensure that you remove as much moisture from things as possible. As I mentioned before, if there is no moisture there, it is going to be very tricky for mould to breed within the room. In fact, try to keep everything as clean as you possibly can. It will be much fresher for you in the long run.

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