Mould: Your Home Needs Fresh Air

winterIf you ever decide to rent a home in London and you end up moving in during the first part of the autumn, you need to remember that damp, moist air is actually quite common in the UK during the winter, and is frequently the cause of most mould growth, which can make you quite sick.

One thing many tenants end up doing is keeping the windows shut tight during the winter in order to save energy as well as heat—especially if they avoid turning the heat on to save fuel. While this may sound like good advice for stretching your budget, not turning up the heat during the winter months can mean condensation and mould growth. Not only is this troublesome for you, since mould can cause a variety of illnesses, many of them respiratory in nature, but mould growth is a problem for your landlord, who has to pay money to get rid of it.

You also need to keep the house well-ventilated to avoid mould growth.

How do you do this? Turning on the ventilation fan when cooking is an important step here, and regularly opening windows—even during the winter—is also helpful. Even if you only keep them open for short periods of time, it’s better than letting damp air contribute to mould.

Making sure you use a ventilation fan in the bathroom is also helpful as mould definitely has a tendency to collect here, just as much as it does in the kitchen. Also, don’t lay out wet clothing to dry inside the rental property when possible. A way to handle this issue is to only hang or lay out clothing that requires it, such as certain ladies’ undergarments and certain types of tops or trousers. Otherwise, put your clothing in a clothes dryer, either in the one provided in your rental unit (some rental places have communal washers and dryers) or at a laundromat.

Another tip for avoiding mould is to make sure that the water is turned off if you plan on being away from your flat during the winter, as pipes can burst when frozen, and can contribute to the growth of mould spores.

Doing whatever you can to keep your flat or room ventilated and free of excess moisture not only helps you survive the winter relatively mould-free, but it keeps your landlord’s repair costs down as well.


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