Office: Keep it Safe of Winter Allergies

officeThere is nothing more aggravating than dealing with winter allergies, especially in an office with more carpeting and dusty vents than hard flooring and sufficiently clean ventilation systems. “But how can you have winter allergies? Don’t most people suffer from spring and fall allergens the most?” you might be asking.

The truth of it is this: if you are particularly sensitive to environmental pollutants—even ones so seemingly harmless as just a bit of dust from some hidden vent—you’re going to notice if the office area has not been taken through a thorough professional cleaning.

Keeping the Office Allergen-Free

One of the primary contributors to winter allergies is carpeting. You might think dust mites only exist in your home, but believe it or not, these microscopic insects can come in and dwell in office carpeting, leaving off feces and other remains. We end up adding to the mite population by continually shedding skin cells everywhere—clothes, shoes, etc. And the dust mites in your office carpeting eat it up, allowing them to reproduce.

That is, unless you engage the services of a professional company to come in for a regular office cleaning. This includes steaming the carpets—mites hate heat—as well as a good vacuuming and proper dusting and mopping of hard surfaces.

Other Ways to Prevent Allergies in your office

If you own an entire building and have the budget for a big company to come in and check your air ducts, then make sure the ventilation systems are clear of dust and other microscopic debris. Keep up with filter changes as well as having each floor’s carpeting steam cleaned as often as possible, as just a regular vacuuming will not get your office as clean and dust free as it needs to be.

Making sure the humidity in your storefront or office building is at a certain percentage. The drier the air is, the less likely your respiratory systems will be able to fight off the common allergens mentioned above. But having a relatively low humidity level fights off dust mites. Climate-control settings help here.

Another final idea to assist with keeping your office environment clean and relatively allergen-free is to make sure your office holiday decorations are stored in a clean, dry place that is free of mold. Believe it or not, mold is just as common in buildings as it is in houses, and it can linger on things like long-term storage items like décor.

If you want to keep your office staff—including yourself—in good health, having a clean, allergen-free office building this winter is crucial.

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