Pet Fur: Squeegee to clean it

petAnybody who has ever had a pet, a furry one at least, will tell you just how difficult it is to pull up pet fur from carpets and rugs. In fact; it is probably one of the worst things about owning a pet. Now; you could run out there and purchase a high quality pet fur vacuum cleaner or steam cleaner. I am willing to wager that the majority of people will not have the budget available to make an expense like that though. This is why I am going to introduce you to a technique which will get your carpet clean with next to no effort at all…a window squeegee.

Squeegee to clean Pet Fur

Before we dive into talking about how a window squeegee can help you remove pet hair it is important to note that you can use just about anything made of rubber to do the job providing it has a flat surface. This includes flip-flops! I have also seen people perform this technique using rubber gloves. It does not matter what you use though. Just make sure that it is dry and made of rubber.

This technique is easy. All you need to do is run the window squeegee across the surface of your carpet or rug. Straight away you will be able to see that it will pull up the pet fur that has become ingrained into it. You will be surprised at how effortless this technique is to perform. You will be even more surprised at just how much fur it will end up removing!

It is important to note that you should not be too forceful when trying to remove pet fur using a window squeegee. This is because carpet, even the best quality carpet out there, is remarkably sensitive. If you are too forceful with the window squeegee then you may actually end up damaging the carpet. You may not notice this straight away but eventually you may discover that the color of your carpet starts to fade. You may even notice that areas of carpet that you work quite often tend to be a little bit bare. This is obviously damage that can’t be reversed. Thankfully however; you will not have to put too much effort into removing the pet fur. Just the lightest of touches will do it quite easily. You can even use this technique on the upholstery that you own!

Pet fur does get trapped deep down in your carpets

It is important to note that pet fur does get trapped deep down in your carpets and rugs quite easily. You therefore need to be doing this on a regular basis to ensure that the pet fur does not become so ingrained into the carpet that it is difficult to remove. I suggest you do it every time you vacuum your home, or at least once every other time. It is important to have your home professionally cleaned from time to time though. This will ensure that your home is completely spotless and free of pet hair.

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