Public Areas x Good Impression

wet-floorWhat do your customers or clients see when they walk in the door of your business? Do they see properly vacuumed floors, or bits of trash here and there? Are the chairs, tables and other hard surfaces well-dusted, or does dust come off on your clients’ hands every time they touch something? Are the bathrooms well-kept or are there paper towels overflowing the trash bin?

No matter the size or type of your company, making a good impression with the way your public areas, or common parts, appear, and yes, this includes the bathrooms. “But I/we don’t have time to clean so often!” you say. “There’s just so many hours in the workday.”

This worry is perfectly understandable, and there is a solution: hire a professional cleaning company to clean your business, instead of you rushing around to complete cleaning tasks on top of everything else.

Customers See Everything

When customers walk into your business, say it’s a hotel, they are going to be looking for the spit-and-polish appearance that they often expect from every hotel they’ve been in, or likely ever will be.

Even the mid-range hotels and inns that populate many modern cities need to look their absolute best, even in the winter. Especially in the winter, for a lot of northern folks. Yes, it can be challenging to keep a tile floor mopped with everyone tracking in snow, mud and rain, and yes, the customers may be expecting it, if they’re winter-climate-dwelling folks themselves.
But there are visitors who will be coming in from out-of-state, who may see all the snow and mud and form an instant judgment about your establishment because maybe they don’t share your experience of snow, mud and rain in the winter. So, having a cleaning crew to take care of that kind of thing for you is more than a benefit.

Caution: Wet Floor

On top of all that, if you don’t have the front area cleaned every day, particularly during seasonally inclement weather, it’s not just a bad impression, it’s also a safety hazard, particularly to those visitors who are 70 years of age and up. Casinos, a common destination for older folks, know that their elderly guests need to be looked after like this, especially in northern climates, so they either have a casino-wide housekeeping staff or they hire an external service.


When you hire a professional company to clean your establishment, no matter what size your company is, or what kind of budget you have, it’s always worth it to you in terms of making a good impression so your customers will want to always step into your front entryway, let alone your office.

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