Pub Cleaning

Custom Cleaning Services has provided valuable pub cleaning services to a major pub chain in London for 11 years.

Whether you are a landlord or management chain we will be happy to provide you with a cleaner or a team to suit your needs.

Our cleaners are happy to work out of hours when your premises are closed, to ensure clean and hygienic surroundings for your customers to enjoy on their return visits.

Our employees are vetted and are completely trustworthy.

Our pub cleaning services include:

  • Cleaning and disinfect toilets;
  • Sweep and wash entrance;
  • Clean and polish brass plating
  • Spot clean glass;
  • Hoover carpets and spot clean when necessary;
  • Clean bar area;
  • Clean and sanitise kitchen;
  • Clean and damp wipe furniture;
  • Carpet cleaning and wooden floor maintenance available;

Please click here for an online quotation, or phone us on 020 7221 2299.