Spring Is Here: Protect Your Office From Spring Allergens

winterNow that we are essentially out of the winter doldrums, the weather is slowly warming up, the northern hemisphere is turning towards the sun again—and people in your office are likely starting to sneeze like crazy. There’s no helping people having allergies to all the pollen being spread around out there. In fact, you might be one of the ones with boxes of tissues and antihistamines at the ready.

But here are some ways to alleviate any additional suffering in your office space—either by you or your employees—even your clients!

Spring: Tips for Protecting Your Office From Spring Allergens

1. Frequent Carpet Cleanings. Having your carpets frequently cleaned will not only get rid of outdoor allergens brought in via everyone’s clothing (some areas are particularly bad with yellow pollen on cars, and other such nuisances), but clean carpets will reduce the chances of the reproduction and proliferation of dust mites.

2. Dust Your Work Areas Often. You might not realize it, but dust mites don’t just settle in carpets, they’re present on hard surfaces, too. Not only should you clean your carpets, you should also give everyone a microfiber dusting cloth so that they can wipe down all the hard surfaces of their cubicles or office space. This reduces allergen exposure for not just your employees, but also whatever clients you have coming in the door.

3. Clean Your Ventilation System Regularly. Pollen doesn’t just come in via people’s clothing or through doors and windows. It can easily find its way into office spaces via your ventilation systems. Making sure that changing the air filter in your ventilation system is a done deal by the time spring rolls around will ensure that people stay well throughout the season.

4. Make Sure Your Cleaning Supplies—And the Supplies of Your Cleaning Company–Are Non-VOC. While it is tempting to spring-clean your office using traditional cleaners, many people are sensitive to the VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, found within. Asthma cases are higher than ever anymore, and some of those cases might be in your office. Instead of cleaning your office yourself and having to throw windows open to get rid of fumes (and possibly risk pollen flying in), hire a pro cleaning company that specializes in using earth-and-respiratory-friendly cleaners. Your lungs—and the lungs of your employees and clients—will thank you.

Spring Is Here: Protect Your Office From Spring Allergens

These are just four basic tips that can ease allergy suffering—and boost productivity in your workplace. Many more tips exist, but just starting with these four can go a long way in making your office a healthier place to be.

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