Stone flooring

stoneThere are so many reasons that you decided to get stone flooring.  Stone flooring is beautiful and has design flexibility.  It’s a great investment for your home or business and guarantees a good return on that investment.  Also, stone flooring is extremely durable and lasts a lifetime when cleaned and maintained properly.  But how do you go about cleaning your floors so that they are still just as smooth and sparkling as they were the day they were installed?  These fragile floors need the right maintenance.  With our tips, you’ll be able to learn how to clean your floors in ways such as preventative maintenance, cleaning with detergents, and cleaning with water and letting dry. 

Stone flooring can show every piece of dirt that comes in through the door

Unlike carpeting and hardwood floors, stone flooring can show every piece of dirt that comes in through the door.  Caustic materials such as sand and dirt can cause wear and tear on your stone flooring.  What can you do to stop this abrasive (and abundant) grit from getting onto your floors?  First of all, walk-off mats should be used at every entrance to catch dirt and sand from those who enter and exit your home or business.  Loose dirt will be caught on these surfaces and can easily be vacuumed.  Make sure to use a walk-off mat or rug with a non-slip surface to dirt moving off the rugs – or someone tripping and falling.  To take further preventative measures, you’ll want to frequently wipe up your floors with a dry dust mop or broom (that are free of chemicals).  Feel free to also use a vacuum on your stone floors.  Just be certain that the vacuum does not have a beater bar.  Vacuums with beater bars have bristles that might damage your flooring.

Using a damp mop on your floor will keep it looking sparkling clean.  A mild detergent and water can be used on your stone floor.  Do not use any harsh chemicals on the floors, such as scouring powder.  This will create scratches on the surface of the floor.  Also ask your retailer or your manufacturer for specific detergents that will keep your floors beautiful and well-maintained.  Be sure to avoid products that contain vinegar, lemon juice, or other acids as well.  Using too much water with detergents can leave a film or create streaks.  To combat this, rinse well and let dry, and change your rinse water often.  Also, don’t use ammonia-based cleaners as this dulls the finish.  As always, any spills should be cleaned as soon as they occur.

Moving furniture onto your stone floors

Something often overlooked is the importance of correctly and carefully moving furniture onto your stone floors after you’ve cleaned them.  Here’s an idea: Have a floor-unveiling and moving furniture party!  Get some of your strongest friends to come by and help carefully move furniture onto the flooring.  This will be important as to avoid chipping and scratching.  Also, it’s a great way to show off and celebrate your new stone floors.

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