Summer holidays

summerKids spend all school year staring at the clock, counting down the days, and gearing up for summer holidays. When their summer holiday finally arrives, parents are ready, too, and that’s when families hit the road for vacation! If you’re running a hotel, regardless of the time of year, it seems like you’re always preparing for more guests.

Summer holidays are the perfect time

However, summer holidays are the perfect time to ready your hotel staff for the oncoming families that will stay at your hotel. Many of them may have never been to your hotel, or the area, before. When they experience your professional first-rate hotel cleaning, your tidy business, and your excellent customer service, they’ll get a good first impression of your hotel. This is the perfect recipe for happy families on holiday and repeat customers.

Deady your Hotel for the summer

Readying your hotel for that great first impression is a complex, timely process, but well worth the effort to secure returning customers. It is imperative that attention be paid to every detail. When kids and their family are travelling on vacation, their room becomes their new home for one night or weeks at at time. Nice clean areas where the kids can play and where parents can relax are imperative to a good hotel experience. Having a full-loaded flat screen television and internet connectivity is a must, as this is how the entire family will keep entertained. A coffee pot for mom and dad in the morning will make their stay more enjoyable, and touches like an upgraded shower, a mini-fridge, and a microwave could go a long way in getting the families to come back for more of that “comfortable” feeling. Of course, be sure to inspect rooms on a daily basis to make sure everything is clean and in order.

However, a good hotel must not only look excellent on the outside. The employees working behind the scenes and at the front desk must also be prepared for the summer rush. Is there anything more frustrating than when you ask a question and the employee says, “I’ll have to ask my manager about that”? Any issues that crop up should be able to be addressed by the front desk and hotel staff without intervention of a manager. A huge part of that process is a well-trained staff. Empower your employees to take charge and resolve issues with guests as they arise. Along those same lines, also give your employees training on excellent customer service. A quick response to the water not draining fast enough or a need for more toiletries could be a make or break moment for satisfying a customer.

Perhaps the best advice for your hotel and your staff is: service with a smile. It may be difficult to keep a pleasant and calm demeanor when a guest is complaining about the price of the in-room movies they ordered, but if you are polite and treat guests with respect, it will typically de-escalate almost any situation. By keeping your hotel wonderfully clean and keeping your visiting families comfortable and happy this summer, a great first impression is sure to be had, which leads to more guests and more business for your hotel.

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