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Tips For Cleaning a Mouldy Bathroom

BlackAn ordinarily dirty bathroom is one thing. It’s easy enough to keep clean regularly. But if, for some reason, you have mould in your bathroom at your place of business, it can be quite problematic. Not only is mould, especially black mould, disgusting to look at and can drive away customers over time, no thanks to bad reviews, it’s hazardous to everyone’s health. Continue reading

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Bathroom Cleaning – DIY

bathroom-Whether we choose to wash up in the evening or first thing in the morning, we all look forward to that nice, warm, cleansing shower.  However, as much as we enjoy our relaxing cleaning regimen, the shower is one area in our homes that is cleaned the least, and parts of the shower, like our showerhead and the drain, can hold all sorts of germs from showers past.  Whether you are a professional cleaning service or the DIY bathroom cleaner of your home, our tips and tricks for keeping a squeaky clean washing space will make sure that you can clean showers just as expertly as the professionals do.

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