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Tips For Cleaning a Mouldy Bathroom

BlackAn ordinarily dirty bathroom is one thing. It’s easy enough to keep clean regularly. But if, for some reason, you have mould in your bathroom at your place of business, it can be quite problematic. Not only is mould, especially black mould, disgusting to look at and can drive away customers over time, no thanks to bad reviews, it’s hazardous to everyone’s health. Continue reading

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Keeping Your Building’s Bathrooms Clean

dishwasherIt is commonly thought that many public restrooms are often the dirtiest places to be, especially if they are not kept up regularly. Places like this are often roadside rest areas that dot the sides of interstate highways, or even in more crowded venues like state or county fairgrounds. Such places are definitely not the cleanest, which means they’re likely a low priority in someone’s budget. Continue reading

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