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Hoovering the Floor: How Often You Need to Do It

carpetHoovering the carpets often seems like an onerous chore, especially if you have a particularly heavy machine that’s difficult to move across the carpet, let alone lift out of the closet.

But there are quite a few reasons why it should be done, apart from impressing people who stop by for a quick chat. Many of them are health-related. The big question is: How often should hoovering be done? Continue reading

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Carpet Stains – How To Get Rid of it

carpetGetting rid of carpet stains is always a challenge for both contracted cleaning services and in-house hotel housekeeping staff. There are several common carpet stains found both in house and hotel alike, but there are also solutions to getting rid of those stains. Of course, it is much easier to treat such stains when they’re fresh, so getting to the mess quickly is paramount if you want a clean establishment. Continue reading

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Carpet Cleaning

carpetIn hotels across the world, there are many different types of carpeting used to make rooms unique and comfortable for guests.  Loop pile, velvet, cut pile, shag, and embroidery are just some examples of carpeting, upholstery, and tapestry found in hotels today.  Something that all these types of carpet have in common is that each one can present a health hazard to your guest if odors, dust, and dirt aren’t cleaned from them on a regular, routine basis.   Continue reading

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