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Hoovering the Floor: How Often You Need to Do It

carpetHoovering the carpets often seems like an onerous chore, especially if you have a particularly heavy machine that’s difficult to move across the carpet, let alone lift out of the closet.

But there are quite a few reasons why it should be done, apart from impressing people who stop by for a quick chat. Many of them are health-related. The big question is: How often should hoovering be done? Continue reading

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Carpets: The Importance of Frequent Cleaning

carpetMaking sure your business’s carpets get cleaned isn’t always on your priority list, especially if you’ve got a small enterprise and you wear many hats. And your budget isn’t likely the biggest, either.

But making room in your often tight budget for a professional cleaning is more than just a luxury. It could mean the life of your business, let alone your health. Continue reading

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