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Lime scale – Easy Tips to Get Rid of it

lime scalesLime scale is probably one of the most prevalent cleaning nuisances any homeowner—or renter—has to deal with. To the truly scientifically-oriented out there, lime scale is also known as calcium carbonate. But for the purposes of this article, let’s just refer to it as lime scale—and how to clean the stuff. Since spring is here, and many are spring cleaning, there’s no better time to address the issue. Continue reading

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Bathroom Cleaning – DIY

bathroom-Whether we choose to wash up in the evening or first thing in the morning, we all look forward to that nice, warm, cleansing shower.  However, as much as we enjoy our relaxing cleaning regimen, the shower is one area in our homes that is cleaned the least, and parts of the shower, like our showerhead and the drain, can hold all sorts of germs from showers past.  Whether you are a professional cleaning service or the DIY bathroom cleaner of your home, our tips and tricks for keeping a squeaky clean washing space will make sure that you can clean showers just as expertly as the professionals do.

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Jewelry Cleaning – DIY

JewelryDiamonds, silver, gold, platinum, emeralds, and rubies. If you have them, you cherish them. They may be a family heirloom. You may have gotten them from a family member or a significant other, or maybe you were lucky enough to find these beautiful pieces of jewelry on sale. No matter how they became yours, once you own them, you want them to sparkle and shine as brightly as the day you first saw them. Continue reading

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Glasses cleaning. Easy DIY

glassesYou love your home, and you’re exceptional at cleaning and polishing your glasses, stemware, and crystal with the greatest of care. So why is it that whenever you take these glasses or stemware out to use, it always seems as though the once bright, clean glass has gone dull? Too often, the culprit is hard water, which can turn even the clearest glasses dim and cloudy. However, even with hard water, it’s easy to get the sparkle and shine back in your glassware. Continue reading

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