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Hot Weather? Don’t Forget to Clean Your Air Conditioning System

Air conditioningWe are just over a week away before the official first day of summer (21st of June), but temperatures are already rising and the humidity is up. This means that it’s definitely time to make sure your air conditioning system is tip-top shape and ready to help you and your business beat the heat. Continue reading

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Cleaning tips: No Shoes at Home

cleaning tipsA dirt free home is a must for every family. Aside from impressing guests, cleaning your  home that is free from pet and shoe stains at the carpet also guarantees that your family is free from bacteria that causes illnesses. There may be lots of shoe types that you are wearing, but the fact that you wear it outside means that they also accumulate dirt and grits that can wear and tear your carpet, not to mention that they can also carry bacteria that may cause undesirable odor and pathogens which may affect your health and that of your family members. Shoes can pick traces of industrial pollutions like petrol fumes, fertilizers, pesticides as well as other chemicals. They can also pick up small parts of animal excrement that can be hard to remove from your carpet. Continue reading

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