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Gloves, never forget it!

glovesYou know; I have lost track of the amount of people who should be wearing gloves to work but forget to do so. These people do not seem to realize that not only are they putting their health at risk, but they are also putting the health and safety of the people that they work with at risk too (and their manager is likely not going to be all that pleased either!) Continue reading

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allergyThe summer is on its ending, but there is some thing you need to know.  The air is filled with the fresh scent of mowed lawns and just-cut flowers.  Dogs and cats are out for walks or inside in the air conditioning playing with their owners.  Summer showers bring a clean scent to the air.  These simple occurrences are noticed but not celebrated by one set of people in particular: allergy sufferers.  Just the thought of it can cause an allergy sufferer to remember stuffed up noses, a hoarse cough, red eyes, and exhaustion. Continue reading

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