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Stone Floor: Tips on Cleaning it

stoneA well maintained and cared for stone floor will give you years of pleasure. It can look and feel like no other floor covering and can add thousands to the value of your property. Besides sweeping and mopping, there are many preventative and reactive measures you can employ to ensure that your stone floor looks as good as it possibly can. So here, we aim to give you some handy cleaning tips on how to remove marks that do happen despite your best efforts to avoid them. Continue reading

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Stone flooring

stoneThere are so many reasons that you decided to get stone flooring.  Stone flooring is beautiful and has design flexibility.  It’s a great investment for your home or business and guarantees a good return on that investment.  Also, stone flooring is extremely durable and lasts a lifetime when cleaned and maintained properly.  But how do you go about cleaning your floors so that they are still just as smooth and sparkling as they were the day they were installed?  These fragile floors need the right maintenance.  With our tips, you’ll be able to learn how to clean your floors in ways such as preventative maintenance, cleaning with detergents, and cleaning with water and letting dry.  Continue reading

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