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Hotel Owners: A Trained Staff Makes Your Business Grow

HotelWhether you are embarking on your first career as an entrepreneur in the hospitality sector, or if this is a second career for you, running a hotel clearly has its joys and its challenges. One of which is knowing how best to help your business to grow the way you want it to. After all, people still like—and need to—travel, and people still need places to stay. Continue reading

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Hostel Owner: Get Good Reviews With a Tidy and Clean Environment

HostelIf you’re a hostel owner, you likely get many people going in and out of your establishment—perhaps more than a regular hotel, since you’re likely a cheaper option for those who are simply backpacking their way around the UK and Europe, regardless of their age. Or you might be running a hostel geared specifically for the younger generations. Regardless of the type of hostel, the truth of things is this: you still need good reviews. Continue reading

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Summer holidays

summerKids spend all school year staring at the clock, counting down the days, and gearing up for summer holidays. When their summer holiday finally arrives, parents are ready, too, and that’s when families hit the road for vacation! If you’re running a hotel, regardless of the time of year, it seems like you’re always preparing for more guests. Continue reading

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