The Importance of a Clean and Tidy Business

fridgeBeing clean and tidy isn’t just for restaurant or pub owners. Yes, they have to pay attention to it more, due to health safety. But even if your niche is not food service, having a clean and tidy place of business is still absolutely essential to gaining and retaining customers.

You, however, are likely very busy making sure your business stays solvent, correct? You can’t do it all yourself, so a really good investment might be a professional cleaning service. Call up business owners around town for good referrals and once you’ve found a company that suits your needs, give them a ring. You’ll be glad you did.

But what about during the day? If you have a cleaning service come in close to closing time, why would it be necessary to keep your business clean?

Cleaning service: Keep Contagious Illnesses At Bay

Keeping your business clean and tidy, especially during the winter when a lot of viruses are making the rounds, is particularly important. And it’s not just the bathrooms that need to be sanitized. It’s a good idea to keep antibacterial cloths or wipes around for wiping off computer screens, keyboards, phones, door handles, or anything else that gets touched by human hands. This way the viruses have much less of a chance of spreading.

Help Reduce Allergies

Believe it or not, dust is one of the most common allergens, and it just happens to settle the most visibly on shelves, and collects in carpets. Make sure your cleaning service uses a HEPA filter on their vacuums, and when they’re not there, get a manual carpet cleaner for light sweeping. Use paper towels and fragrance-free dusting cleaner (some people are allergic to fragrances) to tackle items on shelves as well as the shelves themselves.

Overall Safety and Professionalism

Even if you don’t hire a third-party service and you make cleaning chores part of your employees’ daily tasks, keeping your store clean shows a level of overall professionalism that people do notice, and will make comments on, especially to third-party review sites. Also, in the winter, if your area is prone to a lot of snow and ice, making sure your floors—especially if they’re tile or hardwood—are mopped regularly. Not only are muddy floors unattractive, slippery floors are dangerous for everyone. Having a carpeted runner for people to walk on helps a lot with the mess in this case.

Whether you hire an outside company to do a nightly deep-clean, or you ask your own employees to handle even the lightest of housekeeping, making sure your business is clean and tidy will keep people not just safe but healthy, and will make a good overall impression on your customers.

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