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There’s nothing quite like coming back from a long day to a perfectly made bed with clean, crisp white sheets.  Unfortunately, over time, those white sheets can dull after only a handful of washes.  So how do professional cleaners and hotels keep sheets just as white as the first day they broke open the package?  There are secrets known by professional hotel staff and cleaning services to keep white sheets their brightest, and these tips are easy and practical to use on the job.  Clean business is good for first impressions, and also for repeat business and a loyal customer base.

White sheets lose their brightness and luster with each use

The more a person uses their sheets, the more time the sheets spend on their skin while they sleep.  Everyone has sweat and body oils on their skin, even if its only in trace amounts, and some people additionally use lotion or moisturizer on their skin, too.  These oils and products are left behind on the linen threads of white sheets, and without the proper care, the white sheets lose their brightness and luster with each use.

One trick hotels use to keep sheets their brightest is to wash the sheets three times in a washing machine.  The first time, wash the sheets with laundry detergent.  On the second wash, use only fabric softener.  In the last wash, use just bleach.  When your sheets come out of the dryer, they’ll look as white and fresh as they first time they were ever used.

Green alternatives for your white sheets

But what if you need to keep your sheets hotel-room white and you’re a company that only uses green alternatives?  Never fear.  For serious whitening jobs, there are bleach alternatives.  Borax is a detergent that has been used for over a hundred years, and it’s a go-to green product.  Add one half cup of borax to boost your washing machine’s whitening power.  Also consider adding in Borax along with bleach in the third step of the tip given above.  If you want to be even more environmentally conscious, consider hanging your sheets to dry outside.  The sun naturally bleaches sheets and keeps them white.

Sometimes the sheets are still perfectly bright white, except for one or two pesky spots.  One easy method that professional cleaners and hotel staff use to get out spots and stains on otherwise perfectly white sheets is to run water over the fabric and rub regular bar soap into the threads of the sheets.  Then, wash the sheets in the warmest water you’ve got.  If that still doesn’t do the trick, strip your white sheets by washing them with one cup Calgon Water Softener and one-half cup of ammonia.  But when you wash the sheets with this mixture, do so without detergent.

Remember, if you have a have a top or front-loading washer, when you wash whites, never fill the washing machine all the way to the top.  When a washing machine gets packed with sheets, there’s not enough room for the detergent to interact with the soils and stains, and the sheets may never go back to their original white, no matter how much detergent, bleach, or fabric softener you use.  Give the washing machine room to work out those stains, and it will give you those crisp, white sheets that will keep patrons coming back again and again!

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