Winter Is Coming: Tips for a Healthy Place

winterWinter is the one season a lot of people look forward to, thanks to the cluster of holiday celebrations from December to January, or as early as late November. But it’s also the season when the temperature drops and people end up suffering more from not just the cold and influenza viruses, but wintertime allergies.

Winter Allergies

Yes, allergies. This is due to the lack of moisture in the air that would otherwise attach itself to dust particles and keep them from floating around. All the more reason to keep your house a clean environment with these tips:

Cleaning Tips for winter

1) Clean Your Central Heating/Cooling Vents. Cleaning these will help fresh air circulate better. If your vents and filters are in hard-to-reach places, consider hiring a pro service.

2) Keep Your Carpets and Hard Surfaces Clean. Carpets have a tendency to trap all kinds of pollutants, including those from professional-grade cleaners, which are not only toxic for you, but for the planet as well.
For vacuuming, invest in a unit with a HEPA filter.
For hard surfaces, mop hard floors with a vinegar and water mixture, making sure to dry hardwood immediately afterwards.
Also, if you cannot remove your carpets (e.g., you live in a rental unit), get your own carpet steamer so you can control the types of cleaners used to clean your carpets. This way, your carpets don’t harbor the types of toxins and environmental pollutants that can cause havoc on your body, or the bodies of anyone living with you.

3) Invest in a Humidifier. Winter dries out the air both inside and out, so injecting moisture into your home via a humidifier will ease potential allergies. However, if you make the air too moist, mold can grow, so experiment to get the right balance of moisture. One thing you want to remember about having a humidifier is that it needs to be cleaned weekly, and the filter changed, or else you’ll have mold growing in the bottom. The best way to remember to clean it is to select a day out of the week when you’re doing a bunch of cleaning to begin with. Just follow the instructions that come with your humidifier, and you’ll be all set.

These are just three tips to make sure your home is not just warm, but a clean environment for everyone this winter.

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